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Choose a Lab in a Box

Get hands-on Science activities that come with guided videos mapped to NGSS standards. Classroom packs and home school labs are available.

Tested by Parents and Kids

We host workshops with parents and kids and test our content repeatedly. We want to get the details right.

Open a Lab in a Box

Get kids making with activities for a range of interests



Yana loves her techie microscope. She can't put it down and I love that it's fun for her, and it's educational too

Raisa, Business Owner and Mom of Two

The Lab in a Boox has made home schooling Andrew so much easier. It takes the prep time off of my hands and I know the content is top notch. 

Clarissa, Teacher and Mom of Six

The videos are so complete. I like that they're not just How To's, they have questions, assessments and interesting stories. 

Mr. Sy, 3rd Grade Teacher

Meeting Standards is not enough. We are on a mission to Build and Develop Innovative Content tested in real classrooms.

IoT for Middle School

This is the weather chart for the 21st Century. Teach students how to program and read sensors, then make predictions based on information collected in your classroom and connected to other classrooms globally.

Data Science Curriculum for Middle School

Explore cool maps that take data and create visualizations to help you develop a new understanding. Begin to gather data and explore new ways to represent it.

Citizen Science for All Classrooms

Implement innovative educational content in a traditional classroom within Emerging Countries. Learn from teachers who have tried it themselves.

Growth Mindset Workbooks for Toddlers

Expose your child to exercises that give them the language and mindset to grow their brain and never give up. We want to introduce an "I Can" attitude through every age.