Lab in a Box


The Lab-in-a-Box equips a school with lesson plans, activities and materials to cover Department of Education Science standards for grades 3-6. Easy-to-follow guides reduce preparation time for teachers, and the materials give public school students parallel experiences to private school science laboratories.


  •         Aligned with Dep Ed standards
  •         Involve a hands-on laboratory experiment
  •         Include a pre- and post-assessment with classroom management techniques
  •         Use low-cost materials that may be reusable (like the mini microscopes), and replaceable (like straws, salt, etc.) materials. This allows schools to reuse and replenish according to their needs

LAB IN A BOX MODULES INCLUDE: Garden and Agri Science, Human Body Map, Kiddie Chemistry, Soap Making, pH tests, cooking chemistry, Physics Toys from Trash, Ethno Astronomy